Terms and Conditions -Please note that when booking with Magical Princess Parties the following terms and conditions must be adhered to and when the booking is made and confirmed, they are automatically accepted by the booker.

Booking will be secured once a non-refundable deposit is paid. The remaining amount must be paid 7 days before the party or appearance, failure to do so may forfeit your deposit, please note changes cannot be made after full payment. Although deposits are non-refundable, Magical Princess Parties are happy to reschedule within 30 days of the original date, subject to availability. 

Travel fees are applicable for parties over 5 miles from our base, it is charged at 30p a mile, please let us know if you need a quote of the travel charge.

Changes to bookings can be made up to 2 weeks prior to bookings and will be subject to availability. Further bookings are made on the basis of the original information you have provided us e.g. time, character. Therefore changes may not be possible. Cancellations of secondary characters may result in a cancellation fee.

Photos on our website and social media are a representation of the costumes and wigs that our performers will wear. Magical Princess Parties has a large cast of performers that work to ensure we can cover every booking we take. As such we normally can’t lock in certain performers due to scheduling. In special circumstances we may be able to allocate specific performers for an additional fee. If you're looking to have a performer you've had previously please message us UPON BOOKING as we schedule roughly 6 weeks in advance!

Our performers travel to each event by car and need to have an appropriate place to park, please let us know beforehand if there is any parking/toll charge.

We have a capacity of 20 children to a single performer, if your numbers exceed this you will need to book another performer, with 2 performers you can invite up to 35 children. Should a performer arrive at a party in which numbers exceed this they reserve the right to not complete the party.

You will be honest about the amount of children that will be present, including any siblings who may join in, we pack prizes and gifts according to numbers booked.

Our performers are not to be left alone with the children, there should be a suitable number of adults present. Our performers are children entertainers and stay in full character throughout the duration of the event and we therefore require the organiser to be responsible for the children’s welfare at the party including behaviour and safety of the children.

If at any point during the party or event the performer feels uncomfortable, due to the behaviour of adults or children or the environment or any reasonable explanation, they will notify the booker, if anything continues the performer is at right to leave the event.

It is at the discretion of the performer to change activities accordingly based on time, space and responses of the children particularly for younger children.

The performer will not be held at fault if guests become uncharacteristically shy, performers will not force children to participate if they do not want to.

It is your responsibility, as the organiser, to ensure no one is allergic to glitter tattoos, sweets, prizes or any other equipment used for a Magical Princess Parties visit. Magical Princess Parties will not be held at fault. It is your responsibility as the booker to let Magical Princess Parties know if any children cannot be photographed at events.

Wherever you choose to host your event, at a home or hall, we ask for enough room for the performer and guests to be able to sit down comfortably. Garden parties can be great fun in the summer, but we politely request that there is shade for the performer, and to consider having an alternative area should the weather change.

If the temperature is set to exceed amounts of 32 degrees celsius the host will need to provide appropriate air conditioning, or consider rescheduling for a cooler date. Our costumes and wigs cause our performers to heat up quickly.

Should there be distractions at the party such as bouncy castles or other entertainment services, your performer is not expected to keep the attention of all the guests. We highly suggest turning off or packing away any other distractions while our performers are entertaining.

In cases of extreme weather e.g snow, we will contact the booker, if we are able to still travel to the event we will do everything we can to do so. In cases where we cannot, a full refund will be given and we will try to in every possibility to reschedule.

Please note that Magical Princess Parties cannot perform at events or parties where there are characters of the same nature.

Tips are not included in the price of your booking, if you feel as though a performer has provided a great service they will accept (and appreciate) gratuity. This is completely optional.

It is not the intention of Magical Princess Parties to violate any copyright laws. Magical Princess Parties characters are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic, based on fairytale stories. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the license holder.


Any bookings made for after lockdown is set to end come with the understanding that the bookings WILL be transferred to a virtual option if we are unable to attend due to government guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the booker to ensure everyone in attendance is fit and well beforehand. The booker will also oversee distancing guidelines are being followed during the party.

The booker must instruct members of the party to wash their hands when arriving and leaving, our host will also wash their hands on arrival and exit.

Our performers will be using hand sanitisers during parties and should be made aware if any member of the party has allergies.

Magical Princess Parties will take no fault if a member of the party were to fall sick after attendance at a birthday party.

The booker should follow relevant government guidelines, and Magical Princess Parties will not be advising. It may be that rules are different from the time you book your party to the time the party takes place. Magical Princess Parties will not be held at fault in this instance.