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The Ice Queen

Get ready for sass and sparkle when you invite this icy favourite to your next party or event! Be enchanted by the magic of this character!


The Glass Slipper Princess

This Princess cant wait to twirl all the way to YOUR royal ball, to dance and party! Hopefully she won't be misplacing any shoes this time! 


The Mermaid Princess

Theres nothing stopping this princess now that she's got her human legs! Invite her to your event and she can tell you all about life under the sea!


The Sleeping Princess

A Princess of grace and beauty, raised by three fairies she's sure to bring lots of magic to your party or event and it would be her dream to attend!


The Step Sisters

Get ready to get up to lots of fun and mischief with this pair! Still on the hunt for their perfect Prince Charming they will bring an original kind of magic!


The Fast Flying Fairy

It's a true rare talent! This fairy is sassy and all sort of fun, she comes with huge fairy wings and even bigger hair, she cant wait to fly with you!


The Ice Sister

This fun loving, chocolate eating princess will bring fun and warm hugs! Laughter and joy is never far from this character!

IMG_1018 2.JPG

The Rose Princess

Straight out of a storybook is our Rose Princess, though she loves spending most of her days reading and exploring the great wide somewhere she loves partying with little ones!


Unity The Unicorn Princess

Our first original character comes with a dress full of all the colours of the rainbows! Kind, loving, and gentle, the perfect character for any unicorn lover! 


Fern the Forest Fairy

Our original fairy character! Fern comes from the land of fae, her dress woven from the earth itself! Perfect for fairy lovers and to bring that special sparkle to your event!


The Tinker Fairy

With a little faith, trust and pixie dust this cheeky fairy cant wait to fly on over and party with you! She loves tinkering and would love to bring crafts and glitter to your special event!


The Animal Fairy

Perfect to pair with any animal lover or animal party this fairy is about all creatures big and small, she loves having fun and getting stuck in with the animals!


The Tower Princess

Let down your hair and party with this fun loving excitable princess. She loves attending many events now she's been freed from her tower!


The Voyager Princess

Make way, make way! This Princess has sailed far and wide to attend your special event! She cant wait to show you her hula dancing and way-finding skills!


The Fairest Princess

Mirror, mirror on the wall... this Princess cannot wait to whistle her way on over to your next party or event. Perfect for classical princess lovers!


The Fashion Doll

Strike a pose and get ready to strut your stuff with this fabulous character! She's chic, stylish and classy and cant wait to attend your special event and show off her pink style!


The Frost Fairy

The perfect lost thing! Sister to our tinker fairy, she is curious, adventurous and kind. She'd love to fly on over to your totally flitterific day and see all of your human things!

D8FA7B97-89E1-4701-88AE-F7D9CFA14B7F 2.JPEG

The Arabian Princess

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid! She cant wait to take a magic carpet to your event and show you a whole new world! Get ready to make a wish with this princess


The Miracle Maker

Coming all the way from her casa to have a fiesta with you! She cant wait to share stories about her amazing family, though it might sound a bit fantastical and magical....


The Strong Sister

Coming all the way from her casa to have a fiesta with you! Great to pair with our miracle makers she cant wait to party with you and show you her amazing muscles! Keep any donkeys away!


The Flower Sister

Coming all the way from her casa to have a fiesta with you! Great to pair with our miracle makers she cant wait to party with you and bring the 'perfect golden child' aura with her

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-05 at 5.32.21 PM.jpeg

The Whispering Cousin

Coming all the way from her casa to have a fiesta with you! She can already hear the party! Great to pair with our miracle makers she loves to dance and have a good time

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-16 at 4.15.25 PM.jpeg

Spider Hero

He's swinging his way all the way from New York to show you his fantastic new suit! He loves to dance, so get ready to bust your best moves and break it down with our hero!

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-19 at 8.29.42 PM.jpeg

Ice Harvester

Perfect to pair with our Ice Sisters, book this frosty character to enjoy chats about friendship, adventure and reindeer! and of course WARM HUGS!


Prince Charming

Full of princely charm our Prince is perfect to pair with any princess to make a perfect princess party! He loves meeting new people and having a ball

welcome to our magical characters... here you see a wonderful representation of our characters we provide to bring magic to your special event Photos show the costumes and wigs that our performers will wear.
Magical Princess Parties has a large cast of performers that are theatrically trained and will provide a magical and memorable service, we work to ensure we can cover every booking we take. Please note our performers are busy making magic and therefore to secure a particular performer a charge may be incurred. 
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